New EST Project

We have started a new EST project at the Drosophila Sequencing Center, LBNL in order to obtain a portion of the remaining half of the predicted genes in Drosophila. We are sequencing another 200,000 5' ESTs from existing as well as newly constructed cDNA libraries.

We are in the process of sequencing cDNA clones from the old GM and SD libraries and a new AT Drosophila testes library, which is in the new plasmid vector pOTB7. Thus far 21260 AT ESTs have been submitted to GenBank.

Clones from normalized embryonic (RE) and head (RH) Drosophila cDNA libraries made at Riken are also being sequenced. We plan to sequence 70,000 cDNA clones from each library.

We estimate that we will be done with this project late this Summer. At that time the total number of Drosophila ESTs sequenced will be over 300,000. All of the cDNA clones that pass our quality cutoff are submitted to GenBank and will be available from Research Genetics