Release 2.5 Drosophila Genomic Sequence

(Last assembled Mon Jun 24 02:09:13 PDT 2002)

X1-11 X12-20 2L 2R 3L 3R 4 Main

Release 2.5 sequence notes--PLEASE READ

Sequence appears in the table below in order from left to right along the chromosome (divisions 12 to 20).

Arm X12-20

Assembled Segment # Bases in Segment Clones in Segment
X12-20.24-06-2002.1 8346361 BACR27O05 (AC010993), BACR08A22 (AC010843), BACR30C16 (AC010995), BACR11H20 (AC011069), BACR28F21 (AC010705), BACR02C24 (AC021639), BACR12J05 (AC011697), BACR33N21 (AC022342), BACR33F13 (AC022343), BACR22I24 (AC022346), BACR08K05 (AC008334), BACR30H22 (AC022344), BACR10J19 (AC022345), BACR09F03 (AC018488), BACR48D17 (AC008255), BACR36D15 (AC010706), BACR02B12 (AC011070), BACR28A23 (AC099038), BACR25C18 (AC092401), BACR22H11 (AC013431), BACR32K23 (AC010919), BACR03G18 (AC009256), BACR06P10 (AC010707), BACR13G13 (AC010846), BACR47D09 (AC010920), BACR29G15 (AC022351), BACR18G21 (AC022350), BACR33D04 (AC022349), BACR19G19 (AC018489), BACR09H01 (AC010922), BACR15L12 (AC010921), BACR06G02 (AC012160), BACR18O02 (AC012096), BACR01K05 (AC013432), BACR35G15 (AC022347), BACR10J22 (AC092493), BACR42I14 (AC011702), BACR01N10 (AC012162), BACR29H04 (AC012097), BACR17D02 (AC012163), BACR48L05 (AC011614), BACR32F24 (AC022348), BACR10E05 (AC010708), BACR03K10 (AC012098), BACR17H16 (AC012373), BACR14D22 (AC012164), BACR25O02 (AC018490), BACR20O17 (AC104516), BACR49A05 (AC008194), BACR02B03 (AC008337), BACR48C12 (AC012376), BACR27L16 (AC011071), BACR10M08 (AC010847), BACR33M08 (AC010671), BACR48P17 (AC012165), BACR39I01 *, BACR11H15 (AC018491), BACR10C18 (AC011705), BACR30J04 (AC008338), BACR25I22 (AC011758), BACN24N09 (AC012650), BACH50G05 (AC011761), BACR28L06 (AC010917), BACR03J18 (AC011706), BACR11M14 (AC099308), BACR35D19 (AC104631), BACR20N11 (AC010848), BACR09F10 (AC011251), BACR23I18 (AC092494), BACR22O16 *
X12-20.24-06-2002.2 441831 BACR06L03 *, BACR27K09 (AC104515), BACR05K22 (AC011760), BACR08A09 (AC092190), BACR05O07 (AC092191)
X1-11 X12-20 2L 2R 3L 3R 4 Main